A Message from Garrett 

Hi! This is Garrett and if it were not for NF2, I would not have this site. NF2 is short for a condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 2. This causes benign tumors to grow on various nerves throughout my body. 

People with NF2 always have these tumors on both the left and right hearing nerves. I have no hearing on my right side and only 50 percent hearing on my left side. I have several tumors in my brain and dozens of tumors up and down my spine. I also have these tumors on my arms, neck, side, and back. I have had many surgeries during the past 12 years to remove, radiate, or debulk some of the tumors.

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We are a diverse group of people - friends, family members, and complete strangers - who have banded together to spread the word about our hero, Garrett Baumann, who lives with the effects of NF2 every minute of his life. We are dedicated to helping END NF!